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First assignment I’m making a post for this week is a video game cover mashup. I wasn’t sure what two games to use, so I decided to ask my girlfriend to give me two absolutely random games with no context.

I’m now bound by honour to use those two games. For reference, here are the covers:


Release v1.0 of my Games For Windows Cover template, for all your custom cover-making needs.

(Sorry about the huge images, but you need to see the two of them to get the full effect)

So, I took the two covers into Paint.NET and got to work. I decided to use the Yoshi’s Story cover as the base I’d work on while adding elements from Dishonored to it. The mashed-up title became Yoshi’s Honor, since Disyoshid and Disstory don’t make too much sense. In the background of the Yoshi’s Story cover, there’s a Shy Guy wearing a mask. I thought this was perfect to replace with an Overseer’s mask, since Overseers are a major enemy in Dishonored. I reduced the saturation of the cover to match the grey bleakness of the Dishonored cover, though I didn’t make it fully greyscale, so it’d still be like Yoshi’s Story. In the background of the Dishonored cover, you can see several smokestacks, as the setting the game takes place in is an industrialising Victorian England-inspired city. I added some Mario warp pipes pumping out smog to the background to match. The cover ended up looking like:


(Click it for the full size)

I’m actually surprisingly pleased with how it turned out. When I got the two games I had to use, I wasn’t sure how they’d end up looking together, but I really like it.

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  1. If only this were a real game…

  2. The stark contrast in tone here is absolutely beautiful.

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