Third and last assignment is one where I have to subtly add something from one movie into a scene from a different movie. A couple years ago when I heard they were making the movie Nightcrawler, I thought it was going to be about the X-Men character Nightcrawler (hint: it isn’t even close. Fantastic movie, though). When I saw the assignment, I thought it’d be perfect to fit Nightcrawler into the background of a scene from Nightcrawler, especially since his power is teleportation. Maybe he just accidentally teleported into a crime scene or something. I used this scene from Nightcrawler:

and this promotional image of Nightcrawler from the movie X2:


I took the two of them into Paint.NET and erased the grey background in the image of Nightcrawler. Once the background was totally transparent, I put him into a new layer over the Nightcrawler scene. I erased some of the image to make it seem like he was behind some things, and fooled around with distortion and blurring until it looked like he was actually out of focus in the background of the scene. The final product is this:


I think he fits in pretty well! He doesn’t draw too much attention away from the characters in the middle of the shot, so I’d say it’s subtle enough.

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  1. Even the lighting of the two pictures matches up pretty well here. Given that I have seen neither of those movies, I wouldn’t think anything was off if I saw an image like this out of context.

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